THE INFLUENCE OF STUDENTS’ PHONETICS MASTERY TOWARDS THEIR FLUENCY ON PRONUNCIATION (A Correlational study in The International Class Program in The Academic Year of 2013/2014)

Nuryanto, muhammad (2015) THE INFLUENCE OF STUDENTS’ PHONETICS MASTERY TOWARDS THEIR FLUENCY ON PRONUNCIATION (A Correlational study in The International Class Program in The Academic Year of 2013/2014). Other thesis, IAIN SALATIGA.

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Nuryanto, M. 2014. The Influences of Students’ Phonetics Mastery towards Their Fluency on Pronunciation (A Correlational Study in the International Class Program in the Academic Year of 2013/2014. Graduating Paper. Educational Faculty. English Department. State Institute for Islamic Studies (STAIN) Salatiga. Counselor: Ruwandi, M.A., Rr. Dewi Wahyu Mustikasari, S.S., M.Pd. For the need of improving students’ pronunciation fluency, we need to know and investigate what kind of factors that affect or influence pronunciation fluency, is it grammar mastery, vocabulary mastery, bravery or self-confidence or even phonetic mastery. This study would like to investigate is there any influence of phonetic mastery towards the fluency on pronunciation. Than describing the correlation or the effect of phonetic mastery towards pronunciation fluency in order to improve students speaking ability especially their fluency on pronunciation. Nowadays, mastering other languages, especially the International language, namely English is very important since language is a means of communication among individuals. The process of globalization and modernization will actually bring people to live together in a global life in the world. The need of interaction with people in a global society who have different backgrounds, languages, and cultures cannot be avoided. Thus, the international language function as the main means used by English speaking people to interact with each other and build a relationship with their community. However, so many English learners meet difficulties in oral communication. It is also happened in International Class Program of Salatiga State Institute for Islamic Studies. There are many factors that influence pronunciation fluency, among many other factors, the most prominent is phonetic, which to a large extent, weakens the learner’s confidence in speaking. This particular study is intended to reveal is there any influences between phonetics mastery towards pronunciation fluency. The design of this study is correlative research method by correlating the phonetics mastery and pronunciation fluency. At the end of the discussions of this study, there is a correlation between the increasing scores of students’ phonetics mastery and pronunciation scores. From the correlation, it is found that there is an influence between students’ phonetic mastery towards the fluency on pronunciation in the International Class Program of State Institute of Islamic Studies of Salatiga in the academic year of 2013/2014. Keyword: Phonetics mastery, Pronunciation fluency

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