An analysis of the quality translation of figurative language used in Moana movie script

, ISTIGHFARIN (2019) An analysis of the quality translation of figurative language used in Moana movie script. Other thesis, IAIN SALATIGA.

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ABSTRACT Triningsih, Istighfarin Speleony. 2019: “AN ANALYSIS OF THE TRANSLATION QUALITY OF FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE USED IN MOANA MOVIE SCRIPT”. A Graduating Paper, Teacher Training and Education Faculty, English Education Department, State Institute for Islamic Studies Salatiga. Counselor: Mr. Faizal Risdianto, S.S.M.Hum. Key Words: Translation Quality, Figurative, Movie Script. The purposes of this research are divided into two parts; first to find the types of figurative language used in the Moana movie script. Second, to know the translation quality of figurative language by using Nababan’s theory. This research applied descriptive qualitative method. It means that it does not need statistic approach to explore the material. Qualitative research is a research which the data written or oral words is descriptively analyzed. The data are collected by documentation. The primary data taken from Moana movie script. The secondary data are taken from many literature books and some relevant materials to support and complete the primary data sources. The procedure of analysing the data starts by analysing figurative language and describing the quality of translation of figurative language in Moana movie script. From the analysis, the researcher found 50 data of figurative language which consist of 10 types namely 7 similes, 4 metaphor, 11 hyperbole, 11 personifications, 2 metonymies, 3 alliterations, 1 idiom, 4 rhetoric, 1 onomatopoeia, 6 repetitions. From those 50 data, 44 data were accurate, acceptable, and readable. In addition, 6 data were less accurate, less acceptable, and less readable based on Nababan’s theoty.

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