A Syntactical Analysis of Phrases Used in Westlife Song Lyrics

FITROH, ZULIA (2019) A Syntactical Analysis of Phrases Used in Westlife Song Lyrics. Other thesis, IAIN SALATIGA.

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Fitroh, Zulia. 2019. “A SYNTACTICAL ANALYSIS OF PHRASES USED IN WESTLIFE SONG LYRICS”. Graduating Paper English Education Department of Teacher Training and Education Faculty State Institute for Islamic Studies (IAIN) Salatiga. Counselor: Faizal Risdianto, S.S., M.Hum. Keywords: Syntax, Phrases, Tree Diagram, Qualitative. The purposes of this study are to analyse some phrases and sentence patterns that are used in Westlife’s song lyrics using tree diagram theory. In this case, the aims of this study are: (1) To find out the phrases that are used in Westlife’s song lyrics, (2) To find out the sentence patterns that have been found in Westlife’s song lyrics using tree diagram theory by Bornstein. The object of this study was Westlife’s song lyrics. The writer analyses two songs lyrics entitled: I Lay My Love on You and My Love. The method of this study is using qualitative analysis. To gather the data, the writer uses three steps in analysing data by Creswell. There are: preparing and organizing, coding, and representing the data. The finding of this study as follows: (1) There were 5 types of phrases, there are: Noun Phrase (NP), Verb Phrase (VP), Adjective Phrase (Adj P), Adverb Phrase (Adv P), and Prepositional Phrase (PP). (2) There were 5 sentence patterns in Westlife’s song lyrics, there are: Pattern1: S ? NP + VP, Pattern2: NP ? Det + N, NP ? Pronoun or Noun, NP ? NP + S, Pattern3: VP ? V + N, VP ? V + Adv P, VP ? M + V + NP, Pattern4: Compound ? S1 + Conj + S2, Pattern5: PP ? Prep + NP.

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