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ABSTRACT Zulkifli, Aslih. 2020. Pre-service Teachers’ Beliefs in Autonomous Learning. A Graduating Paper, Teacher Training and Education Faculty, English Education Department, State Institute for Islamic Studies Salatiga. Counselor: Mr. Hanung Triyoko, S.S., M.Hum., M.Ed. Key Words: Pre-service Teacher, Beliefs, Autonomous Learner. This research aims to know what is pre-service teachers’ belief in autonomous learners in Salatiga, and to investigate the pre-service teacher’s performances are seen as the realization/actualization of their beliefs. This is a qualitative research. Data collection techniques used in this research are questionnaire, interview, and observation. This research conducted in three different schools in Salatiga; SMKN 2 Salatiga, SMK PGRI 2 Salatiga, and SMK Islam Sultan Fattah Salatiga. After conducting the research, the researcher found the results of pre-service teachers’ beliefs regarding autonomous learners in Salatiga. The results showed that pre-service teachers’ positively belief in the concept of Autonomous learners. However, their beliefs are contradictory to their practice because they still used the concept of teacher-centered. It was found that pre-service teachers did not use their believed to control their roles in the class. They did not promote autonomous learners to their students because they did not believe that the concept of autonomous learners has been able to be applied to their students. It indicated that there is a gap between pre-service teachers’ beliefs in autonomous learners and their beliefs in their students’ ability to be autonomous learners.

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